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Welcome to Shoreline Capital

Shoreline Capital was founded in 2001 with our loan products that offer solutions to real estate investors and companies who banks can’t help. We believe there is a need for flexibility, transparency, and efficacy in the bridge lending marketplace. The principals and executives of Shoreline Capital have over 40 years of experience in financing commercial real estate and we are here to help you with your project. 

Shoreline Capital’s success is based on strong relationships within the broker and borrower community. Our strategic investor relationships allow flexibility to meet borrower demands. Shoreline Capital has a transparent process in which brokers and borrowers are continuously informed as to where their loan stands and what needs to occur to reach a closing. We are have improved the effectiveness of our loan products to better serve brokers and borrowers. The most important part of any loan is the closing of it. We close loans quickly.

Competitve Lending Practices

Shoreline Capital can provide loans secured by most asset classes in all major markets. With a realistic view of the competitive lending environment, Shoreline Capital works with our borrowers to solve any unforeseen challenges that arise during due diligence.

Shoreline Capital’s basic and flexible report requirements and standardized loan documents result in minimal expense deposits and low closing costs.

Once a loan is approved, our borrowers receive accessible, personalized service throughout the loan period, from the day a term sheet is issued to payoff demand.

Shoreline Capital provides reliable capital on difficult transactions.

Shoreline Capital provides up to a two-year term giving borrowers time to execute a business plan, secure conventional financing or sell the property to repay the loan.

We provide reliable capital on difficult to finance real estate transactions that include:

  • Short term acquisition financing required for closing part of a property assemblage involving multiple sellers
  • Loan collaterallized by multiple and unusual assets, including second lien positions
  • Rescue financing for properties in bankruptcy
  • Value-add properties that require capital to fund improvements.

How It Works


Start your application online in just minutes. Then speak to a loan officer and gather documents for underwriting.  What we require to issue terms is at the bottom of each lending page.

Agree Terms

Within 3 to 5 days of receiving documents, Shoreline will offer terms for your loan.  Upon execution of terms, a refundable expense deposit is required for a site visit, legal, and third parties (if required).


After due diligence, we will close your loan and fund within 2 to 3 weeks of issuing terms.  You can close at your local title company or attorney’s office.  We allow remote closings when required.


Why Shoreline Capital?


Our primary focus is the strength of the collateral, the ability to debt service, and the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. We are able to make exceptions when the big picture makes sense to us. We are able to get past issues other lenders can’t. We are problem solvers with reasonable solutions for unbankable loans.


We have a transparent process that works well for brokers and borrowers. We update you every working day as to the status of your loan request. We know how important your loan is and we pride ourselves on being transparent. We will openly share with you what our concerns are.


If we there is an interest in funding your loan after your application is received, we will contact you. We close quickly within two to three weeks with our interest rates favorable and we can offer higher than normal leverage. Our experience with various loan scenarios and property types allow us to effectively close your loan.


Shoreline Capital are amazing at what they do.  I refer Shoreline to my clients because they very knowledgable, responsive and get the loan done.  They always answer any questions I have very quickly and gives a lot of updates which keeps everything on track.
Shoreline Capital were very knowledge and their customer service was outstanding. It is hard to find people with this level of care, and they literally exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them to anyone as they retrieved almost 1.6M in funding and were with me every step of the way.
I came to Shoreline after doing an exhaustive review of companies that do bridge lease financiaing. I was opening up a venture facility in San Diegoa and needed specialized equipment to service the needs of my clients. Shoreline Capital helped me get the loan I was looking for and I couldn't be happier.
As a Realtor and former mortgage loan officer myself, I can tell you that Shoreline Capital's team are amazing! They take such good care of clients, knows the guidelines inside and out, and I don't have worry that the loan won't close. This company is consistently able to close in 21 days or less, and they approve you through underwriting up front.
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